The Clueless Dads are a few friends trying to navigate fatherhood without a manual.  We are taking a lighthearted approach to discussing personal stories and experiences we share while learning from each other about what it really means to be a great Dad. Being a parent is completely absurd, and we hope you find our take both enlightening and humorous as we all commiserate about or shared triumphs and tragedies. 


russell katz

Russell is a law-school educated, neuro-biology college major who ditched all of that to work in sales at a tech company where he can truly change people's lives.  Moving from Delaware to North Carolina where the locals call him a Yankee, he and his wife Jill could not be happier living in the South where the pace is just a bit more relaxed.  Feel free to read that as "yep, he's lazy" which is not entirely untrue.  He enjoys food, which is dichotomous with another hobby - working out (at least when he's not injured), traveling, and quality time with this family and friends.  Fatherhood is a new adventure and he is taking everything in stride, welcoming every crazy twist and turn along the way.

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Alex grodner

Alex is a self-proclaimed IT nerd who has found his true calling in IT Sales. A recent move to be closer to extended family brought Alex, his wife, and son from North Carolina to Alabama which has been a new and challenging adventure. In addition to North Carolina and Alabama, he has lived in Virginia, New Jersey, and Georgia; so needless to say, traveling is one of his passions. When he is not traveling for work, Alex enjoys running and sports…pretty much every one, currently playing softball and kickball. Having never changed a diaper before his son’s, Alex was not exactly trained on being a father, but having a wife who was a preschool teacher made the new addition a little smoother. Now that he and his wife are expecting a little girl, he feels about as prepared as when his son came into the world…not at all.


Aaron schoonmaker

Aaron has been a sports writer since the day he could pick up a pencil – well, at least since he learned to keep book while watching Harry Cary on WGN as a 6-year-old. Oh, but don’t be fooled, he’s a die-hard Cardinals fan. A Colorado native, he went to school at Colorado State before moving to the land of aliens in Roswell, New Mexico. After meeting the girl of his dreams in the back of a big white van in the middle of the desert (no, seriously), they now have two kids and have escaped to North Carolina where they have been for 11 years.